About us


We are in Japanese language education in North America for over 30 years.  


The Kids' online program is established with a wish to provide a convenient way to learn true language ability with proficiency training program based on our experiences involved in Japanese language education over 30 years in North America that allows students to learn from anywhere, regardless of where they are.

Students who have a motivation to truly appreciate Japanese language skills by reading, writing or listening in Japanese while going to a local school (other than Japanese) can always start from where they were at their own level from anywhere.

We recommend this North America's first online program especially for those students who live in areas without Japanese supplementary schools or who do not suit the policies and purposes of supplementary schools or who can not learn even if they want to learn with the convenience of time, 

We also focus on focusing on kanji writing education becoming neglected abroad in recent years, so we offer programs focused on details such as writing stroke order and beautiful calligraphic style of Japanese characters using models on video.

We hope this program contributes to the people who will cultivate talented people in the international community in the future with their abilities.

The our online program will continue to evolve in its content to support everyone we are aiming for that. I would like to the best effort to make it more exciting and useful.